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We're responsible for:​

  • upkeep of the village street lighting

  • the grit bins

  • Butts Lane dog bin

  • the defibrillator

  • the village noticeboard

  • the speed activated monitor

  • general maintenance around the village

  • commenting on planning applications

Parish Council Vacancy

The Parish Council currently has a vacancy and are looking for a Resident of Upper Sheringham who would like to volunteer for the position. To qualify you must be age 18 or over and you must be on the Parish Register of voters or in the last 12 months have resided in or within 3 miles of Upper Sheringham or your main place of work is in Upper Sheringham. 

If you are interested please contact the Chairman, Mr Jonathan Dorey on 01263 821415 or the Parish Clerk, Sally Gill on 01263 514559, to find out more about what is involved in becoming a Parish Councillor.  Please send a brief letter of application to the Parish Clerk at 23 Central Road, Cromer, NR27 9BW, as soon as possible.​

The Parish Council comprises 7 members, elected every 4 years. The chairman is elected at the Annual Parish Council meeting in May, currently Jonathan Dorey is chairman.

We hold meetings on the first Thursday of the month in March, July, September and November: in January and May they are held on the second Thursday of the month, in the village hall. Members of the public  are welcome to attend and there is a short time during the meeting when members of the public can speak with regard to an agenda item.​


The Parish Council is also Custodian Trustee for the village hall.

Checking Text on a Document

View meeting minutes from 2021 onwards

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